Project Update: July/August

We haven’t had a project update in a while, partly due to how busy we’ve been and also general failure to write it, but things are settling down as the school year returns and gives us the opportunity to look back at the first summer of HTTProductions.

It’s been a full four months in all sense of the phrase. A lot has happened for better and worse, but things always push forward. We started things off with nothing but a blog on Blogspot and plans to make a philosophical short film. Two months later and many days of stressful writers’ tables, set production, and 24-hour edit marathons and we’re able to present to the public The Death Of, our first short film. We’ve blasted the link all over Facebook for the past week, so I won’t do too much more of that, but here it is just in case!

You can find on that page our production vlogs, the trailer, along with each short (separately, for data reasons, but they’re in the order intended). We’re proud of The Death Of. A lot of hard work was put into it. We’ve learned a lot while making it and will take our new knowledge with us into future projects, so things can only get better from here!

Our other big step this summer was the launching of this website. It’s awesome; a better format, system for administration on our end, plus we get our own domain name ( if you hadn’t noticed). We’re big fans and plan on using it a lot (including the donate button, hint hint). Coolest of all, perhaps, is the Contact Us form. We’re open to all questions, concerns, answers, or best of all ideas. We want to hear them all! You can also post things like that on our Facebook wall.

What’s coming up in the future, you ask? Well, first of all we want to start more discussions! Not just in the comments of blogs, but comments on Facebook, or perhaps a discussion forum on Facebook. We love talking about movies and know that many of you do as well, so let’s talk! This blog is evidence of the fact that we can go hours talking about the layers of Inception or how excited we are about next summer’s blockbusters. Things may slow down during the fall semester, but they are by no means stopping.

Beyond that, we’ve got plans; just little to share at this time. Over winter break we plan on putting together various scenes to test out techniques, styles, equipment, and so on. Fast forward to next May and we’ll be kicking off a summer of product. We’ve several short films planned (though we all know how plans shift with time), so we’ll be busy both making them and telling everyone about them.

It’s going to be great. As always, you can keep up with everything we’re doing by subscribing to our website (check out the button in the right sidebar, very top!) and liking our Facebook page. For now, we don’t have anymore films, but we certainly have blogs, reviews, and even a contest or two planned. And who knows, there might be a surprise release here or there. Stay tuned!


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