The Avengers Trailer

After getting a brief teaser at the end of Captain America, the full two-minute teaser trailer for next summer’s blockbuster The Avengers is now online! It’s action-packed and filled with characters, and does a great job of telling everyone that this isn’t just another Marvel superhero movie – it’s all of its superhero movies combined…exponentially. (Trailer below the break!)

The teaser for The Dark Knight Rises made the mistake of acting as if people didn’t know that movie was coming out. The Avengers doesn’t do this. Everyone knows it’s coming; we’ve known for two years now. Instead, the teaser for the Joss Whedon directed smash gives us what we want – glimpses of everything that made us love the Marvel lead-ins. There’s explosions…boy, are there explosions. Follow this up with a quick introduction to everyone, from Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury to Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and brief glimpses of Hawkeye and Bruce Banner. It tells us Loki is the bad guy, though at the same time everybody seemed to be looking to the sky a lot, so I’m guessing along with the rest of the internet that there’s some CGI extra-galactic baddies not yet out of the render farm.

Most importantly, with all of the explosions, this teaser promises that these characters, no, these actors who we love will be playing off of each other. Say what you will about the Marvel films, they do a fantastic job casting. Chris Evans + Robert Downey + Mark Ruffalo + Sam Jackson + Jeremy Renner + Chris Hemsworth + Scarlett Johansson all in the same room arguing with one another over who gets the call sign Red One (not literally). It’s going to be great. Already we’re treated to two Tony Stark moments, including a great play against Banner’s research that gives us a very very brief shot of the Hulk. My guess is they’re staying silent on the Hulk for the same reason they are Earth’s visitors – good CGI takes time.

It’s a teaser, so it does just that – teases at plot, at characters, at action sequences. Perhaps the most compelling shot is of Thor slamming it hammer down on Roger’s shield, but I’m going to go ahead and state my position on that just being some sort of training scene. I don’t know any of them will really be turning to the dark side, at least not in this movie. All in all, it’s a lot to look forward to, and definitely gets me more excited then I was for the third Batman. The Avengers releases in standard and 3D theaters 4 May 2012, no word yet on IMAX, but let’s hope!


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