Awards I Could Scream For

…Not really, I’m not much of a screamer. But! The Scream Awards just aired!

Awards shows are a controversial subject. You’ve either got Hollywood elites patting themselves on the back or preteens fawning over badly made but “oh so sexy” vampires. There are a few awards, though, that are a bit cooler. I love watching the Oscars, but the Scream Awards are one of those shows that’s just fun, and they were held this past weekend. Hosted by Spike TV, the Scream Awards specifically targets horror, SciFi, and fantasy genre films, so already they’re pretty awesome. Add to this the fact that George Lucas cared enough to personally present Darth Vader with the Ultimate Villain Award and why wouldn’t you watch?

Small, cable channel awards like this get to recognize films that otherwise would be left out, like the awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. the World getting Best Fight Scene and Best Comic Book Movie. It’s also a chance to reward Hugh Jackman with a Best Cameo for X-Men: First Class. If you haven’t seen it, do so, it’s a great movie. It’s not just fun for the fans, but the stars, too. This is a chance for them to let loose and not be forced to wear a tux. Nick Cage entered stage surrounded by fire. That would never happen at the Oscars! It’s also a chance for some sneak previews, including Sherlock Holmes 2, presented by Downey, Jr. while accepting his Hero Award.

Oh, did I mention that The Dark Knight Rises won for most anticipated movie of the year? Absolutely, totally deserve, duh! Hathaway, Oldman, and Levitt were there to accept, further proof of how much fun stars can have with shows like this.

The People’s Choice and Teen Choice awards are just sad, and MTV Movie Awards usually ends up as sad as the network has become. Something about the Scream Awards, though, makes me really enjoy these films. Here’s a short list of some of the winners. Unlike the Oscars or Emmys, I can’t say I’m all that upset at any of them. Here’s the full breakdown.

  • Ultimate Scream – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (of course)
  • Best SciFi – Super 8
  • Best Fantasy – X-Men: First Class
  • Best Horror – Let Me In
  • Best TV Show – Game of Thrones – finally, something Mad Men doesn’t win!
  • Best Chase Scene – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • SciFi Actor – Matt Smith as Dr. Who
  • Best Villain – Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort
  • Best 3D – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – agreed, it was shot in 3D and crafted knowing how it would be shown
  • Best Superhero – Chris Evans as Captain American – ehh…I’ll go with it, but I liked Thor more, as I’ve said before

What do you think of the results? Any horrible mistakes? Better yet, what do you think awards shows in general?


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