X-Men: First Class Giveaway!

If you agree with us that Matthew Vaughn’s First Class was the best X-Men film to date, then you should jump on this chance to grab the DVD for FREE!

We reviewed First Class back when it released (after seeing an awesome midnight premiere). That review is actually located on our old Blogspot site, but here’s a preview in case you weren’t with us back then:

First Class is The Last Stand done well. It’s a fast paced story-driven X-Men movie filled with action and super powers. Nothing feels unnecessary or insulting as every scene is squeezed in either for backstory, character development, or awesome ass kicking. The powers and CGI never feel fake as director Matthew Vaughn continues to prove his skill in entertaining. Nothing takes you out of the action as the story shifts from location to location, especially in one of the coolest moves in superhero history, Magneto pulling a submarine straight out of the water, you are so taken by the sheer awesomeness of what’s happening that nothing else is on your mind.

Vaughn recognizes the power that simple coolness can have in making a movie enjoyable and uses it to full effect in First Class. The movie opens with what appears to be the same opening scene from the original X-Men, Erik in the concentration camp when his mother is taken away. While different actors, it seems Vaughn shot the scene frame-for-frame just as Singer did in 2000, immediately impressing the viewer and putting you in the world of the previous films. The final battle sequence is equally impressive, providing laughs and excitement as needed. It also gives us one of the coolest death scenes I’ve seen in years as villain Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) meets his demise in what might be a top three worst way to die (think: frozen in time + slowly moving coin). Simply amazing…

Perhaps what First Class succeeds at the most is in showing the beginnings of what will become a truly amazing relationship between Charles and Erik. I would even go as far, after seeing First Class, to claim Charles and Erik’s relationship as the greatest hero/villain combination I have ever seen. It isn’t based on fear or hatred, but on respect. These two characters are the closet two friends can get, their paths forever joined by shared fate, yet each sees the world in completely different ways and, more importantly, sees mutants’ place in it differently.

After an impressive $352 million gross on its $160 million production budget, First Class is a first-class success, and discussions on where to go with a sequel are already in the works (though Vaughn’s place as director is not sealed – fingers crossed!). To celebrate the release of First Class on home video, we are giving away a copy of the DVD! All you have to do is like our Facebook page and then comment on this post with your name and email. On Tuesday October 25th the winner will be randomly selected and contacted for mailing address – no shipping necessary!

So like, then comment, and be one step closer to your free copy of X-Men: First Class! In the meantime, add a little extra to your comment: what did you think of the film? Best of the franchise? Looking forward to a sequel? Let us know!


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