Films to Keep an Eye On

Sometimes it seems like the coolest part about movies is the anticipation of wanting them to come out.

While I’m not a hardcore spoiler-follower, I do keep up with movie news, productions, and marketing campaigns (or lack thereof). Also, while there are some pretty anticipated films coming out this winter, we’re nearing that point where everyone is just waiting for May 2012 to come around. Not only that, but I’m already excited for 2013! That’s just how movies work, and it works well.

To help those who don’t constantly check movie sites (besides this one, of course), here’s an abbreviated list of what’s coming out, chronologically, that we’re either very excited for or see as major releases. As major news releases, we’ll be sure to post it here to keep everyone up to date with what we’re keeping our eyes on. Note that while hyperlinks may be provided to spoiler-ish material, none will be shown or revealed in the post beyond casting or production locations and dates.

The Hunger Games (23 March 2012) – I haven’t read the novels so I can’t say much, but Lionsgate is hoping this franchise can become the next Harry Potter. It’s got a pretty solid group of young actors, all of which I admire, with good supporting cast to round everything out. Beyond that, not much has been released besides a somewhat overrated teaser trailer (embedded below), but then if you’ve read the novel there’s not much that needs to be known. There are a lot of young adult series trying to replace Potter right now. I semi-enjoyed Percy Jackson, but it still wasn’t able to truly capture people’s attentions. We’ll see how this one goes, especially since Lionsgate has already green lit the sequel, Catching Fire for 2013.

The Avengers (4 May 2012) – The trailer was just released, so check that out even if you’ve already seen it. There isn’t too much new production news here. They’ve finished shooting and Joss Whedon is hard at work editing and working through the massive list of visual effects shots. Loki is the villain, everyone is going to be awesome; it’s great. At New York Comic-Con, it was “revealed” that Loki will end up fighting each of the Avengers team members in the film at some point. It was also said that Iron Man 3, currently in pre-production with Shane Black directing, will serve as the lead-in to The Avengers 2. In other words, keep planning on seeing Marvel superhero movies for at least the next five years. I’m happy.

The Amazing Spider-Man (3 July 2012) – This is one of those films I’m on the fence about. I like Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb, so it’s basically a “wait and see how things turn out.” I’m not super excited, but I’ll see it in theaters. I mean, it is IMAX 3D on fourth of July weekend. Rhys Ifans is a good actor, but I somewhat side with the skeptics who wander if the seeming mass amounts of CGI will detract from the film. Marc Webb has claimed they did everything on set that they could, and yet the trailer, embedded below, is majority CGI first-person web slinging (which may or may not give people headaches). Plus, we still haven’t seen Lizard footage. The film is well into post-production, so hopefully we’ll get a new, better trailer attached to one of the winter’s releases. Perhaps TinTin, which would work well for seeing the trailer in IMAX 3D. Fingers crossed this isn’t a waste of time!

The Dark Knight Rises (20 July 2012) – Whew. There’s so much that could be said about this one. First of all, it’s going to be awesome. I side with those somewhat disappointed by the teaser trailer attached to Potter, but that’s not Nolan’s fault – it’s Warner Bros. Currently, it seems the only stuff left in production is some scenes in New York, after which it’ll enter the long months of editing, visual effects, sound design, and score (go Hans Zimmer!). There have been TONS of set photos leaked about this one, some of which I’ve seen. We’ve seen Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman suit, and I don’t mean the earless one officially released – but an actual Catwoman suit. We’ve also seen Bane, Marion Cottilard, and finally enough videos of explosions in the streets of Pittsburgh*cough*Gotham*cough*LA to last us for…well…until the film releases, I suppose. This is one of those films that’s just hounded by spoilers, yet at the same time I really want to go into it as fresh as possible because I remember one of the coolest things about The Dark Knight was how much you realized the trailer didn’t tell you. Here’s hoping we’ll get a better, full theatrical trailer attached to a Christmas release, probably Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.

The Hobbit (Part 1, Dec 2012; Part 2, Dec 2013) – Currently deep into its second of three phases of production, things seem to be moving along pretty smoothly after the months of rocky in-between that resulted in Del Toro leaving the project. Still, it’s hard to imagine Peter Jackson disappointing. This film is a long ways off, so don’t expect a trailer anytime soon. We do, however, have some pretty great production diaries put together by Jackson himself to update us. In addition to this, we’ve now seen promotional images for pretty much every major cast member, including all of the dwarves. This film should rock, but it’s still early in the process to start counting down.

Man of Steel (14 June 2013) – This one is similar to the Hobbit…except not. It’s currently deep into production and will remain that way until spring of 2012, though there are probably some breaks included in that schedule. So far, we’ve seen Henry Cavill officially as Superman as well as leaked set photos of him in suit and Clark Kent clothes (and also shirtless, at some point). We’ve seen Amy Adams’ Lois Lane getup as well as Russell Crowe’s Jor-El costume. Basically, all we’re missing is a kick-ass teaser trailer to keep us satisfied until 2013 rolls around. My guess is we won’t see anything until The Dark Knight Rises, during which we’ll probably get an all out IMAX trailer…which will be awesome. Until then, our focus is best put elsewhere.

Bond 23 (unannounced) – News from the next installment in the Daniel Craig Bond series is slow coming, but at least we know the film will happen (which for the longest time was up in the air due to MGM troubles). Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame, among others) is directing, which automatically gets me even more excited. Craig, Judi Dench are both back along with Javier Bardem and rumored Rhys Ifans (the Lizard in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man). It’s also known that part of the film will involve major action sequences in South Africa. Beyond that, title and plot are unknown (one newspaper leaked the title Carte Blanche, but EON Productions dismissed the rumor). What we do know is that it’s the same team as always brining us another stylish, action-packed Bond film. I’m excited.

Which of these films are you most excited for? Personally, it’s The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 and 2013 is tied between Man of Steel and Bond 23 (I’ll need a trailer to decide that battle), but man is there so much to look forward to. We’ll periodically post updates on these films as major news comes across. Until then, let us know what you’re counting down the days to, even if we left it off of the list!


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