Is This Superman?

Some paparazzi snapped photos of Man of Steel shooting in Vancouver, including some green screen scenes of Henry Cavill bringing his worth. There are tons of pictures, but I’ll only post one here for discussion. I consider this a low-level spoiler – its just a picture of Cavill shirtless and bearded. We don’t even know where or what’s happening due to the green screen. Anyways, click through to check it out.

What do you think? Is this a type of Superman you could go for (beyond the female True Blood vote of hotness)? It’s certainly VERY different from Reeves and Routhe. To start with…just look at him. The Goyer/Nolan/Snyder version of Kent/Superman is a MAN – absolutely ripped, hairy in that “rough Man’s life on the farm” way, and he’s got an unkept beard (exile subplot anyone?). This image isn’t even really Superman, since he’s wearing no part of the suit. But…since when did Clark Kent hit the gym THIS hard? Tom Welling has nothing on Henry Cavill. Just saying.

Not that I’m complaining. I think this rough edge to the character goes with the modern styling Nolan and Goyer gave to Batman. It fits with how they portray superheroes. Still, it’s so different I have a hard time really picturing how it plays out. All the more reason to be excited about a trailer, which probably won’t happen until the summer.


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