Create Dark Knight Rises Score

Um…ok, so here’s something new and really awesome: Hans Zimmer is giving fans the opportunity to add their voice to the original score for The Dark Knight Rises. Check it out here.

Basically, listen to the example recording and then, well, record your own version. He makes a point of saying it really doesn’t matter what you say or if you’re good or not because it’ll all be mixed together in the end. Oh, the magic of sound mixing. Here’s the thing: will I be able to hear my voice during whatever scene features this strange chant? No. Can you prove my voice isn’t one of thousands singing this strange chant? Nope.


Oh, while the example recording isn’t suggested as being a part of the score, it sure does sound like Batman and Hans Zimmer. That along makes it worth listening to.

For some assistance, here’s the chant as I’ve seen some commenters type it:

Dey-Shay…. Bay-Shara…. Dey-Shay, Dey-Shay, Bay-Shara, Bay-Shara…

The Night Rises.


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