Star Wars in Theaters Again!

That’s right. You read correctly. It’s not a new story. Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace is being rereleased into theaters. Awesome? I know, right!?!? Here’s where some of you will stop reading – it’s being converted to 3D. Yeah, I know how a lot of you feel about that, but let’s look at things from both perspectives.

From the bad: it’s 3D conversion, and so far the ratio of good to bad converted films isn’t the best. We all remember the Clash of the Titans debacle, but at the same time Alice in Wonderland was converted. There also isn’t anything new about this re-release beyond the 3D. It’s the same movie you can now watch in spectacle Blu-Ray, except with an added dimension of depth. So, to an extent it almost comes down to whether or not you care to spend money for that 3D.

Here’s the good: it’s Star Wars, on the big screen. That’s a selling point for a lot of people. I saw Episode I in theaters but don’t really remember the experience, so for me I look forward to getting that again. Especially if they decide to release it in IMAX 3D (I’m guessing here, though it’s probably guaranteed for II and III). Star Wars rocks, and there’s something about getting to watch the epic Darth Maul-ObiWan-QuiGon duel in three dimensions that gets me excited. I also have a decent amount of trust in LucasFilm to do things right and not let a crappy product get released (oh how many of you probably disagree with that sentimentality!).

In the end, it’s up to you. There’s little doubt it’ll be a hit at the box office. There’s a trailer online, but…it’s a little weird if you’re not seeing it in 3D. Luckily there’s plenty of films being released right now that are sure to have it attached. The Phantom Menace 3D releases 10 February 2012.


5 thoughts on “Star Wars in Theaters Again!

  1. Its like the old joke about the man buying a new model of Jeep. “Did they fix the rear transmission?” Salesman “No” “Is it a smoother ride?” Salesman “No.” “Did they even up the miles per gallon?” Salesman “No.” “Well, darn it, can I have one in blue?” Salesman “Yes.”

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t that impressed by the trailer. But! For me, I want to see it just because it means seeing Star Wars on the big screen. I never had that chance with the original trilogy and I don’t remember seeing Ep I (though I did), so this is an opportunity for that experience.

  2. saw all 6 in the theaters. i remember return of the iedi the most as i was 8 and it was my most anticipated movie ever at that point and i waited all summer for it. when phantom came out in 99 – hearing the music and the first five minutes was worth adnmission easily. now i did enjoy the clone wats movie (animated in theaters) as well which is often overlooked

    1. A lot of people overlook The Clone Wars material right now as being childish and immature, but it actually deals with some pretty dark themes now and then. It really adds to how Star Wars is a triple generation franchise: original, prequels, and now Clone Wars. It says a lot about its vitality.

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