The Hobbit Trailer is Here!

The first official “announcement” trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released online yesterday (and perhaps might be airing in 3D with TinTin, produced by Jackson). It’s called an announcement trailer but it does much more than that (and much more than the Dark Knight Rises‘ disappointing “announcement” trailer did), introducing us to all of the characters, giving the story an eerie mood and throwing in a couple of battle shots along with the much anticipated return of Gollum and the ring. But why am I spoiling it for you?! Check it out below!


An Unexpected Journey releases 14 December 2012 with part 2, There and Back Again, releasing 13 December 2013. JRR Tolkein’s novel, The Hobbit, is not being split into two parts, as Hollywood is so eager to do these days, but rather the first film is largely based around the novel while the second is more original material that will bridge the films into the LotR trilogy. At least, that’s how I understand it. We won’t know for sure until they come out next winter! In the meantime, the trailer gives us plenty to look forward to!


3 thoughts on “The Hobbit Trailer is Here!

    1. Ah, cool beans. Though I will say I’m fairly confident on reading somewhere that Jackson is adding some original material to help bridge between the duology and trilogy films. That could be rumor, though.

      1. Well, it’ll be a framed story as if Bilbo is telling Frodo about his journey. That may be what you saw.

        Other material not explicitly in the book, but included in the movie will be more backstory on Thorin, and the White Council’s dealings at Dol Guldor.

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