Hollywood Black List

I came across an article recently that caught my interest and is worth sharing. Every year for seven years now, Franklin Leonard compiles in the winter a “Black List” of 101 screenplays well liked but never produced during that year. He polls over 300 industry executives and takes those most referenced. It’s interesting because some of them have really intriguing concepts or names behind them (there’s a Bryan Fuller script in there).

Now, many of these screenplays end up being picked up after being featured on this list, but that’s only because someone (Leonard) takes the time to draft such a list. Otherwise these scripts would pass unnoticed into the depths of executives’ memories. It’s a cool list to scan through, but it also tells me a lesson: story ideas are a plenty, pick a few and develop them but always be willing to drop them and come out with completely new ones. Never let a story drag you down.


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