My Most Excited Films of 2012

Check out my favorite films of 2011 here, along with 2011’s box office hits and misses and random trivia.

What a fantastic year for movies it has been! But movies only get better each year (haha, what an argument that comment would inspire), which means, for me at least, movies from next year start to garner more of my attention than what’s coming up in the next few weeks. The film industry is a very future-term business, everyone is always looking ahead to what will be big in two years, not two weeks. I’m excited for some 2013 releases, but for now we’ll keep things narrowed in on 2012. In what may prove to be the last years movies are ever made, if the Mayans are correct, we can all rest assured that we’ll die having seen The Avengers and one last Nolan Batman film. Anyways, here’s the five films I would order tickets for now if I could, in no order as always.

The Dark Knight Rises (20 July) – I lied, this film is #1 without any competitor in sight. I’m probably a little more obsessed over Nolan and this film than others, but still….I’m really damn excited. I actually have a bet with a friend as to my being able to reference DKR at least once in every post I write, and for the most part I’ve been able to do so. It just says something as to how big this film will be. Will it be bigger and better than The Dark Knight? I don’t know, but I don’t think I’m holding it to that standard. I just expect it to be awesome, action-packed, mind-blowing, filled with godly symmetry. My expectations are way too high and I will not apologize for it. I’m so excited for this film I recently wrote an analysis of the trailer that is longer than some of my term papers this semester. It’s just…I’m excited, and I think everyone else is, too. Maybe not as much as me, but I do think this film will break the opening weekend record ($169 from Potter 7.2) and opening day ($91 from Potter 7.2), and while I don’t know if it’ll hit the billion mark (Ledger’s Joker did factor into box office), there’s no question it’s going to be a critic and fan hit both at box office and, hopefully, come award season. Oh, and fifty minutes of the film were shot in IMAX, twice that of TDK, so that will be orgasmic.

The Avengers (4 May) – Unless you just hate Marvel movies or hate superhero movies, it’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t be getting ready to see this film in theaters. It’s basically the movie event Marvel has been preparing us for for years now, and there’s a lot riding on its success (i.e. the future of Marvel movies). Marvel is a bit of a controversial film company in how it handles salaries and contracts for some of the bigger names it tries to draw (try Norton being fired and Sam Jackson having very long and tiring salary negotiations), but they’re also smart when it comes to hiring. Joss Whedon rarely disappoints and if ever fans wanted a fan to make a major film it would be Whedon. The first trailer promised what most expect out of it: the usual level of action and explosions coupled with the character dynamics of these actors all thrown into the same room together. It almost makes you more excited for the talking scenes than the battle sequences.

Skyfall (26 October, UK premiere) – I’m a fan of Bond and a fan of Daniel Craig’s Bond, so I’m a fan of finally getting another Craig Bond film. It’s also directed by Sam Mendes, of American Beauty, so I think that brings a lot of credibility to the project. There isn’t much to go off of except rumors of the story focusing on M’s past, involving a train sequence in South Africa, and be awesome. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer attacked to one of MGM’s summer releases, and it looks like the worldwide release may be in November, but we’ll keep you updated on news concerning.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (14 December) – This one is similar to The Avengers in that unless you hate LotR or Peter Jackson, there’s not much reason not to be excited about seeing this. I can give you tons of reasons to be excited: 48 fps, 5K RED resolution, native 3D cinematography, plus it’s Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen and everyone else. It’s hard to imagine this film disappointing or not making a crap ton of money whilst dominating the holiday weekends. It’s been a long time in the works and has had its own fair share of production troubles (union disputes, del Toro leaving), but it will arrive and it will be great. It’s also a ways off, though, so not much to do until then. Well, you could watch the announcement trailer below.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D (10 February) – This was a tricky decision but I’m going with it for one main reason: I’m part of the generation of Star Wars fans who really only remembers seeing Episode III in theaters (opening day, for which I skipped school). I saw the first two, but I was young, so it’s not the same. As such, the opportunity to see films that have had such a large impact on my life, both in my interest in science fiction and film, is something I can’t pass up. Yes, it’s in 3D, which I support but either way am indifferent to. The most important factor here is getting to see a Star Wars film on the big screen again. It’s going to rock. I highly encourage people to see this film, especially with your parents or your children, because seeing the Star Wars films in theaters is an experience that’s worth sharing. And hopefully, if this experiment is successful, it’s an experience we’ll get to share five more times.

Notable mentions: Men in Black III, The Hunger Games, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Bourne Legacy, and The Amazing Spider-Man. 2012, I would argue at first glance, is slightly less packed than 2011, but what’s there are heavy hitters. There aren’t a ton of Marvel movies being released, but we are getting a single mega-Marvel movie in The Avengers. Spider-Man and Batman are the other main superheroes this year (I’m not going to grace Ghost Rider with a mention), plus there’s a Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax film coming out, which is my favorite Seuss story. It’s also an election year in the United States, which like it or not does have an effect on how Americans decide to spend their money in the fall and winter holiday shopping season. Only time will tell how things pan out this year. Still, there’s plenty to look forward to and plenty for HTTP to keep talking and writing about, so don’t stop reading!


2 thoughts on “My Most Excited Films of 2012

  1. My most anticipated films are similar to yours. I can’t wait for The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and Skyfall. The other two on the list I am not as high on as you but will probably still see them opening weekend. My worry about The Avengers is that they didn’t set up the film well enough in the previous films (with the exception of Captain America). I mean Thor still has to get back to Earth. My worry about the Phantom Menace is that I saw a 3D trailer of it and the 3D wasn’t that impressive. However, I too am a part of that generation you speak of, and it would be great to enjoy the experience of seeing The Phantom Menace in a theater.

    1. I see where your hesitations come from. There is a lot to deal with in The Avengers, and it could easily turn into an overhyped film. I’d like to say I have no worries about it failing, but I can’t. I do trust Joss Whedon, though, so at least it’s got that going for it. I’m also rather interested in how they pull Thor back to Earth, because you’re right on that being a major loose end!

      As for Star Wars, I agree: I saw the 3D trailer on both Hugo and Tintin and it really didn’t do much. Most of the shots look the same as always with maybe one or two areas of depth. Which, if you think about it, is understandable considering the film was in no way shot with 3D in mind. But! It’s Star Wars in theaters. That wins the argument every time.

      Thanks for checking us out! I really enjoyed your site (and actually still need to comment on a few of your 2011 review posts).

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