Some Movie Trailers

Most everyone enjoys watching movie trailers. To start, they are almost always good regardless of the quality of the film they advertise. Beyond that, trailers for bigger pictures tease us while trailers for smaller pictures can let us know about an interesting film we otherwise wouldn’t. We haven’t updated on trailers in a while, so I thought I’d post a bunch of recent releases. Skim through, see if anything catches your eye. In the end, it’s only two minutes times the number of trailers you decide to watch.

Chronicle – You may have seen the 30 second Hulu version of this trailer, it’s how I heard about it. Looks low-key with that trending “prosumer camcorder” style seen in Cloverfield. Parts of it look more awesome than others. Sounds like a solid Netflix rental, though.

Casa de mi Padre – Do you like Will Ferrel? You’ll love this, then. He’s funny, but he’s also very intelligent. I admire him just for making a film entirely in Spanish. It looks pretty solid and original. I’m a fan.

Seeking Justice – Nic Cage, but it also has January Jones and Guy Pearce. I don’t know what really to say here. Just check out the trailer and then be happy or sad you don’t have to watch the full film.

The Flowers of War – This one is in limited release so you may have to wait until it moves to home video, but the fact that it’s Christian Bale and the director of Hero (who we know from our recent analysis of wuxia films) at least makes it worth the trailer time. It’s not wuxia, but it still looks beautifully shot.

Project X – From Producer Todd Phillips The Direct Of The Hangover. This trailer is pure overload of emotional stimulus to anyone between the ages of 15-25. Basically, whereas the Hangover trilogy is about the hilarity of the day-after, this film will be about the night of, and…oh my god. Just watch the trailer and you’ll understand. Needless to say, every high school who can legally get into this R-rated film or sneak in will undoubtedly be seeing it opening weekend.

Oh, this film also has the most awesome MPAA rating I’ve ever seen: crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, drugs, drinking, pervasive language, reckless behavior and mayhem-all involving teens. AWESOME!

American Reunion – You know what to expect from this. It shot in Georgia, which is cool. Otherwise, I’m not particularly into the series so I can’t say much.


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