Batman Update!

It’s been a while since we had a solid update on everything that is The Dark Knight Rises, and with our recent updating of trailers and the general lull that happens between Christmas and March sweeps I thought I would speed everyone up. We’ve got some interesting articles about Batman in general, some new pictures, details on the flying tumbler seen in the trailer, toys and we’ll finish things off with a pretty awesome student-made opening credits sequence. This post contains low-level spoilers. Nothing beyond officially released Warner Bros. pictures. Read on!

Let’s start off with something not related to DKR but rather Nolan’s Batman in general. I really feel this trilogy will become one of those film trilogies that is critically studied and analyzed by film scholars with, no doubt, more than a few academic books and essays on their way over the coming years. Blogs like our own already do tons of it, but Taylor Marvin recently bumped it up a notch with a great piece of how Nolan’s Gotham legitimizes violence beyond state authorities. I particularly like one bit:

In previous entries in the Batman cannon the Dark Knight’s use of violence outside of the state monopoly is legitimate, though writers hedge their position through Bruce Wayne’s obstinate refusal to kill (though I’m pretty sure a lot of the criminals Batman beats die in the hospital: as Archer fans know, getting knocked out is really bad for you).

True that. ED Kain of Forbes wrote a shorter response to the above essay. And so the scholarly debating and theorizing begins! I may very much be a film production student and a bit skeptical towards film scholarship, at times, but sometimes academic studies hits upon some awesome topics. Batman would be one of them.

Next up, Warner Bros. released an interesting photo of Bane from the film, placed here. His back is to the camera, but notice he’s not wearing his mask, so presumedly this is some sort of flashback sequence. Nasty scars that correlate with reports of his mask injecting him with pain gas for what looks to be a serious spinal injury.

Toys! You know you’ll have plenty of them and DC, along with a few third-party vendors, have started showing off what they’ll be offering. DC’s official offerings include several 12” statues and busts, seen here from a recent toy fair. All three statues are pretty impressive, and Selina Kyle is sporting a full costume we’ve yet to see in photos or video. Notice the high heels, very deadly. I also love Bane’s stance.

I love when things are leaked because the internet scours boring FCC/Patent Office filings. Did you know Hasbro has to file with the FCC for all new toys? You do now, because a recent filing just revealed the flying Batwing in the film is officially called “The Bat.” Simple enough. The filings are for small remote-controlled versions of The Bat, the Bat-Pot, and the Tumbler, but all small, so nothing too cool for those above pre-teen. Still, it answers one question.

We’ll round things out with some pictures. Click here for some Entertainment Weekly pics and here for a really nice close up at both the new Batsuit and the eight-year-older Bruce Wayne. I think the new hairstyle actually does a lot in terms of maturing him, and the armor just looks awesome. Plus a look at Commissioner Gordon! DKR is one of those films where I look forward to all of the actors: Bale, Hardy, Hathaway, Oldman, Caine, and Morgan Freeman. We haven’t seen anything from Lucius Fox, so I’m curious what role his character plays in our older, peaceful Gotham.

Finally, a fan-made opening credits sequence for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s great because, unlike most fan-made trailers that just use clips from The Dark Knight and The Prestige, this is actually all original material with some computer animation thrown in. Apparently it was made for a video lesson/class assignment. I certainly hope Mr. Gündogdu scored well. He deserves it. My one complaint would be that it’s a bit too fast. Some of the text isn’t entirely legible while it’s jumping around on the screen for less than two seconds. Still, it’s really cool. Nolan doesn’t use opening credits. In fact, he doesn’t even show the title of the film until the end (he started doing this on Batman Begins, I think). It’s embedded below.

The Dark Knight Rises – Opening Credits Project from Doğan Can Gündoğdu on Vimeo.

Well there you have it. All the Batman news a person can handle until…well…we get to see the actual film. You’ve got academic writings, toys, pictures, and a cool video! For now, Nolan is deep into post-production cutting the film together. I would imagine (this is speculation based on timing) that Zimmer will begin official scoring sessions sometime late-May, early June, but probably come May we’ll start to hear about people seeing rough cuts. Hopefully we’ll get some more viral campaigning in the meantime followed with some sort of trailer in…March? And also start hearing about pre-ordering midnight tickets, considering a few theaters have already sold theirs out. Until then, carry on!


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