Trailers: Avengers, Spider-Man, Bourne and More!

Yay for all of the movie teases and news that is released in February as we prepare for a few major March releases and then the summer to end all summers (not really, but The Dark Knight Rises is only five months away). Avengers trailer? Awesome Spider-Man trailer? Sad Sin City 2 news? Bourne? Smallville? We’ve got it. Keep reading.

First up, quick and depressing, it would seem Robert Rodriguez’s next project will be Machete 2 instead of, as many have been hoping, Sin City 2. There isn’t much I can say here as I didn’t see the first Machete, but Sin City was fantastic and it seems like everyone wants a sequel (it also seems there is a script being passed around), so only Rodriguez could say why he keeps delaying it. Things like this happen in the film industry, especially with a filmmaker as constantly busy as Rodriguez (it’s kind of like trying to get del Toro to make the time for Hellboy 3).

Next up, The Avengers. Most have probably seen the new teaser while watching the Super Bowl, but here’s an extended version just to see it again.

There is still no confirmation as to who the alien race Loki brings to Earth are, but they look a lot like Skrulls. All the same, this trailer is pretty awesome and looks to promise tons of action with plenty of individual scenes from each of the characters we have come to love over the past few years.

Next up, The Amazing Spider-Man. First, the new trailer has been released and is very awesome. I’ve always been open to this reboot, but now I think I’m fully in favor of it. I really like Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. As much as Sam Raimi’s films are enjoyable, at least the first two, they are also very much made in the vein of early 2000s superhero films. The genre has changed a lot over the last decade, and this reboot looks like it will be bringing a much deserved fresh take on a very youthful character.

I was also able to see the trailer in 3D attached to The Phantom Menace. It looked somewhat impressive. To start, I was seeing it on a smaller screen than I would have liked, but I will say that a lot of the sweeping web-swining shots of New York were a bit too fast to keep up with. The rest of it looked great in 3D, but I’m not sold on the web slinging (which is funny since the web-slinging was the big sell for shooting in 3D). Only time will tell, and also seeing the film on an IMAX screen.

Total Film did a nice shot-by-shot breakdown of the new trailer and everything it hints at. It’s a short and simple slideshow, so it’s worth checking out if you really liked the trailer. Sony has also bumped up the viral marketing for the film with some pretty cool adventures. The official Twitter account released coordinates last week that pinpointed locations of discreetly placed backpacks belonging to Peter Parker. Inside was a ton of belongings: sneakers, chemistry books, a notebook, and more. Check out the link above for a full breakdown, along with the embedded photo. It’s a cool thing to help hype up the film and involve fans, even if it was usually press people who find the items.

Finally, Sony has released the first official clip (in conjunction with the viral campaign) from the July release. Check it out at this link.

Wolverine, previously helmed by Darren Aronofsky, has finally received a new release date after having to find a new director and go through script revisions. It looks like we’ll see Hugh Jackson back on the big screen on 26 July 2013. Right now, this spot is pretty much clear except for Red 2 the week after, but otherwise there are no major releases so it looks like a solid choice.

The Bourne Legacy also received its first official trailer this past week, giving us our first look at Jeremy Renner taking over the Jason Bourne position in this awesome, critically successful franchise. It’s good to know Renner isn’t playing Bourne but rather another soldier in the program. Based on this trailer, it looks like the filmmakers are doing a solid job of making this continuation/reboot different while also holding on to the best qualities of the original trilogy. The trailer is below.

Finally, in a bit of smaller but still great news, it has been announced that the ten-season running CW hit show Smallville, chronicling the early life of Clark Kent/Superman, will be continuing in comic book form. It seems it isn’t just a reboot but rather a true continuation of Season 11 in comic book form, written by one of the show’s writers. I really enjoy Smallville, though admittedly I’m still making my way through Season Seven, but I am excited about continuing the adventures in monthly comic issues.


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