Introducing After Dark Originals 2!

A while back we announced teaming up with After Dark Films, an independent studio founded in 2006, to help spread the word about their award-winning horror films. Now they are back with “twice the terrors and twice the scares” with After Dark Originals 2, a series of original feature films continuing the immense success of the original run of eight films. The first of these is called Dark Circles. Check out the synopsis below:

When new parents Alex and Penny retreat from the city and move into a place outside town, the stress and massive sleep-deprivation caused by their infant has both of them seeing things in the house that may or may not exist.  Persistent sightings of a strange woman has each of them wondering if they are suffering from hallucinations, or if their new home holds a dark, supernatural presence.  As their fragile grasp on reality spirals into delirium, Alex and Penny find themselves nearly helpless to deal with the horrific truth of what is really going in this house.

As writer/director Paul Soter puts it, “Hopefully this will serve as some kind of cinematic equivalent to birth control.” I’ll leave that desire open to interpretations, but this certainly seems like a thrill ride of horror. Make sure to head over to the official website, toss your age into the form to allow entry (oh those internet laws!) and check out everything they have to offer. There are trailers for the original eight films, information on Dark Circles, and more on this growing studio. As always, stay tuned here for more information on each film in the new series as it is made available. Until then, I’ll leave you with a few teases:

Continuing the success of After Dark Originals, the second installment will uphold the tradition of giving After Dark fans the scare they crave. The ADO 2 slate will make the genre proud, with supernatural demons, psychological killers, gruesome mysteries, and even a sci-fi sector fully equipped with aliens and a killer leprechaun.  Beware horror fans, After Dark Films is giving the fans exactly the type of horror movies they asked for!  Come and see for yourselves.  We dare you…


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