News on the March! March!

It’s News on the March! For the month of March! Tons of movie news has been spreading across the webs of the internet over the past few weeks as the early spring March releases reach us (John Carter, The Hunger Games, The Lorax) and everyone starts to not only get excited about the massive number of blockbusters churning through post-production for summer release but we start to count down until we can pre-order our midnight tickets. We’ve got a Men in Black trailer, Prometheus video, news from the production of Star Trek 2, a bit of Batman discussion, along with a few film-related posts I just found interesting. Click through!

We’ll start with the newest trailer for Men in Black 3. Admittedly, I really enjoy this series, but what I do not enjoy is that production on the film started before the second and third acts of the screenplay had been written, and the director and producers have been very open about writers actively writing dialogue for scenes while being shot (in digital 3D). They admit it was either a huge mistake or a major advantage in filmmaking, but…it’s just…it doesn’t seem smart. We’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the American west, JJ Abrams is hard at work shooting Star Trek 2, this one on film with a post-conversion into 3D. That’s not the best of news, but what is awesome is that the film will be partially shot in native IMAX format similar to how The Dark Knight Rises has 50 minutes of native IMAX footage. This is always awesome, and I trust Abrams to do it justice with the great franchise he is working with. All the same, some set photos of Spock fighting whatever character Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock and Jackson’s The Hobbit) plays have been leaked, so skim those if you want. Nothing too spoiler-ish; just a fight scene of some sort.

Speaking of Batman, Lynda Hemming (the costume designer for the film) spoke to GQ about the difficulty of designing Bane’s already infamous coat. She says it took a year and they had to outsource the production because American clothing designers do not use the proper type of material (at the time, apparently it has since caught on). She says Bane’s outfit is a mixture of revolutionary and dictator, which is pretty spot on based on photos and the trailer. She also mentions Batman’s suit has few changes beyond ones relevant to plot, and of course she stopped speaking there!

He's part dictator, part revolutionary, all high fashion.

Some dude at MTV recently posted a quick editorial giving 100% nothing-fresh-about-it speculation as to whether DKR will fare better at the Oscars than its predecessor did. The Dark Knight is almost famous simply because of the Oscars it was not qualified for: Original Score (disqualified for having “too many people composing”…complete crap), Director and Picture (with many who think the Academy increased the number of Best Picture nominees because of TDK being shafted. Wally Phister also missed on Cinematography, but two years later he won the statue for Inception, so obviously the Academy recognizes his talent.

On my end, I think DKR is a shoe-in for most every technical award: editing, sound mixing, sound editing, art direction, costume design (revolutionary + dictator = Oscar). I very much hope for cinematography and editing, the latter of which…well, the year is early, but Lee Smith should at least be nominated. He deserves recognition. As for the major awards, I disagree with the MTV guy about Bale being nominated for actor only because this movie isn’t about getting actors nominated for awards – it’s about actors looking really awesome in fight scenes. Bale will deliver, as will Hardy, Hathaway, and everyone else, but there’s no need for Oscars to be brought up. Directing and Picture? That’s another, well, picture. I really don’t know, though I certainly want the Academy to recognize the immense talent of Christopher Nolan. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter until 1) the movie comes out and 2) more movies come out for comparison come next January, which is (mathematically) much farther away than the film’s release. I’m not thinking about awards. I’m just excited about how awesome it’s going to be in an IMAX theater.

Finished with that rant, let’s take a look at some viral videos (official ones) for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. It’s a sequel to the Alien franchise, or not, or a prequel, or not, or something. I don’t know, but it looks pretty great, and I’d like Scott to make something great after the horrible film that is Robin Hood. Check it out below.

Finally, I wanted to post two “lists” that I came across that are film-related and also just cool and/or funny. First is a Cracked article called “5 Actors Who Do the Exact Same Thing in Every Movie,” and it’s remarkably accurate and hilarious. Everyone knows how much Tom Cruise loves running, but some of the other ones I had never picked up on (especially the Hanks section). It’s a great article, check it out. And while we’re on the subject of awesome lists (because who doesn’t love lists?), take another look at our own Jim Ciscell’s post a while back on Villains Who Doom Themselves By Saving Lives. Oh, cinematic irony.

Secondly, TotalFilm did a list (they do a lot of lists) of 50 Villains to Look Forward to in 2012. I enjoyed it mostly because I haven’t thought about 50 films coming out this year, much less who the villain is in each of them, so it’s a good way of getting a glimpse at what to expect from this year’s baddies. Some of them are much cooler than others, and I don’t know what they are basing the claim of Red Skull being in The Avengers on, but hey, Bane is #1 so I’m good with that.

The list mentions a ton of films I haven’t heard of or don’t know a lot about, so it’s a great rundown of 2012 news in and of itself. Keep an eye out for summer blockbuster trailers attached to our bigger releases these next few weeks (personally, I’m betting on a Batman trailer attached to Wrath of the Titans, which is both Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures). That’s all for now!


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