Creative Uses of Recycling in Hollywood

We all know Hollywood is not very original. However, Hollywood generally does not get credit for being creatively unoriginal. The following are the top creative uses of recycled materials in Hollywood. You have probably heard of some of these examples. We guarantee you will use at least one of these examples later to show off how smart you are.

Francis Ford Coppola Re-Uses Director’s Names In Apocalypse Now

Colonel Lucas as played by Harrison Ford previously known as Han Solo in Star Wars by George Lucas. It’s like…four degrees of separation or something

Francis Ford Coppola had such a rough time making Apocalypse Now that there is even a movie made out of the struggle. Originally, Coppola’s friend George Lucas was supposed to direct the film. George Lucas gave Coppola permission to direct Apocalypse Now. Coppola had also been given his start in the film industry by legendary producer Roger Corman. When Coppola made the film Apocalypse Now, he recycled both of the filmmakers into the names of characters. First, Coppola used Han Solo himself Harrison Ford as a character named Colonel Lucas. Second, G. D. Spradlin’s character’s name in Apocalypse Now is R. Corman.

Indiana Jones Attends a Jedi Night Club

Filmmakers who know George Lucas must get a special thrill out of sub-referencing his works. Of course, Lucas was a producer of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Those two factors probably account for one of the greatest Easter eggs in the history of film. The night club that Indiana Jones escapes from in the beginning of Temple of Doom is actually called Club Obi Wan. This is a quick but not so subtle reference to the ‘crazy old wizard’ in Lucas’ Star Wars.

The Ewoks Became The Goblin Corps

George Lucas seems to have a pretty helpful streak. When Jim Henson was working on Labyrinth and needed a small (as in stature and size) army, George must have had one already on speed dial. There is little other accounting for the fact that there are twelve actors listed as Ewoks in Return of the Jedi coming back as members of the Goblin Corps in Labyrinth. Labyrinth may hold some sort of unofficial record for featuring the most Star Wars actors in a non-Star Wars film. The Goblin Corps is joined by none other than R2-D2 himself Kenny Baker. Warwick Davis also wore both the costume of Ewok and Goblin. In addition, Frank Oz is in Labyrinth as well. Oz was famously the voice of Yoda. As far as we know, Yoda did not double as a Goblin.

Galactic Senators Need To Phone Home

I wonder what their stance on immigration laws is…

Industrial Light And Magic in 1999 worked in the production of a commercial for Progressive Auto Insurance which aired during the Super Bowl. The commercial featured the aliens made famous in Steven Spielberg’s movie E. T. Industrial Light and Magic is owned by George Lucas. When George Lucas was looking for alien species for his Galactic Senate scene, the just happened to have made a commercial featuring E. T. As a subtle nod to say ‘Hi’ to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas threw in his already ready to use aliens into the Galactic Senate scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Spock’s Ears Can Be Seen In The Outer Limits.

Few things in the history of science fiction are as iconic as Spock’s ears. The ears (according to The Monster Times Special Collerctor’s Issue # 1 ) were originally developed for David McCallum in the Outer Limits episode “The Sixth Finger.” It is worth noting that make-up designer Fred B. Phillips worked on both series. Another interesting facet of the Outer Limits episode is that the man with the sixth finger was supposed to represent the height of eventual human evolution. Maybe one day, we will all get to be Spock.

Professor Marvel in the Wizard Of Oz Wore A Coat Made For Oz Creator L. Frank Baum

According to, Professor Marvel in the Wizard of Oz is indeed actually wearing a coat made for Wonderful Wizard of Oz writer L. Frank Baum. It was not even a donation by the family. They were simply looking for a run down jacket to use. The jacket was not the only one in contention either. Director Victor Fleming selected the jacket off of an entire rack. They did not even know the jacket was Baum’s until they turned out a pocket in the jacket. There was Baum’s name as if Baum approved of it all along.

Yes, my dear! This coat IS vintage!

There may legitimately be nothing new under the sun. That does not mean there is not interesting ways to shine new light on older things.


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