Welcome to Curious Intentions Media!

Hello! Do you notice anything…different, about us? We had a bit of a cosmetics makeover, one could say. In case you are so engrossed in our site that you haven’t yet noticed, we are operating under a new name and website layout! HTTProductions has morphed into the bigger, better, brighter, more awesome Curious Intentions Media! Why? The simple answer is we wanted to start fresh and move forward, a fresh name and site was the first step in that direction.

Not to worry! It’s still the same awesome people driving the car. We just traded the car in for a newer model with better gas mileage and built-in bluetooth capability. Trust us, it’s great. We can make phone calls without even having to pull out our phones and stuff. Crazy.

Our Facebook page is slowly transitioning as well and we will be releasing our new logo soon, so like the page and spread it around to keep up on all the latest news. Beyond that, most of the changes are internal. We will still post editorials and movie news, and summertime means lots of projects in the pipeline. Look for updates on those as they are developed (we recently met to brainstorm ideas and narrow down our selections).


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