Lots of Batman

So much amazingly material has been released lately for The Dark Knight Rises that it may as well fill up an entire post. I could spend hours just looking at the beautiful screenshots released from the film. All the same, I’m going to make this post a very visual one. We’ll start off with the latest trailer that everyone has probably seen by now.

The trailer is surprisingly moody compared to the more action-packed second trailer, but the score here does an incredible job of building up into a huge climax. I’m waiting for tickets to go on sale, but I’m also waiting for the original score to be available for pre-order. Thank you, Hans Zimmer.

In cool news, the Golden Trailer Awards were held recently and The Dark Knight Rises took home several honors including Best in Show, Best Action Trailer, and Best Summer Blockbuster Trailer. As the above video proves, these are deserved.

Some ironic news in the latest issue of Empire magazine revealed by David S Goyer that Warner Bros, back in 2008 when The Dark Knight was exploding, wanted the third film villain to be The Riddler as played by Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it’s a testament to Christopher Nolan’s power as a filmmaker that this not only didn’t happen, but he had full say in both villain and the actor (Tom Hardy, who also ended up coming from Inception). It’s slightly ironic, but probably a good thing. Images and video suggests Bane is the perfect way to end the trilogy.

I’m not going to say much about all of the promotional banners and screenshots released. Also, click this link and this one for three fan made posters that are pretty damn great. They use the same “Rise” in the rain style except for Gordon, Alfred, and Matthew Modine’s Police Chief characters. These characters are too supporting to get full promotional material, but these posters suggest they deserve it. All of them are incredibly effective. It only proves how the darkness and raininess suggests a very low mood for this film. Let’s just show a few of the ones guaranteed not to spoil and you can click the links for the rest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, finally, TV spots! These spots have a surprisingly decent amount of new dialogue and scenes from the full theatrical trailer. Well worth the watch. I’d like to say they will release a fourth theatrical trailer, but it’s unlikely. All the same, we are under two months away from the most anticipated release of 2012! Who isn’t excited!?!


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