What Have We Been Up To?

How kind of you to ask! Quite a lot, actually, which hopefully explains why there have not been as many posts as we would like. So there is no question in our first order of business – huge props to Jim Ciscell for being as awesome as he is in his often random thoughts on film and television. I’m always interested to see what he’ll write about next. One of my recent favorites is his exploration of the Jewish origin of most comic book superhero creators, highly recommended.

The blog has always been a strong, vital piece of Curious Intentions Media, but it is also a piece. On the business side of things, we’ve been…well…becoming a business. We are soon to file LLC in the state of Georgia and start full force on both our creative and commercial work. The website, as you may have noticed, recently underwent its second revision in as many months to pump up the professionalism of the services we offer. This blog still maintains a dedicated section, but now we also show basic rates for services as well as our demo reel and portfolio of public projects. Over time, the amount of work shown here will continue to expand until it literally rips the website wide open.

Hopefully that last part will not happen, but we will continue to add things to the site as we move forward in the future! The Capes By Laurel ad has been available for a month now, but you may have noticed our official demo reel popped up on the home page and our second short film, Too Late, is now available for streaming. We are pretty proud of this and look forward to making more short films in the future along with our commercial work and event photography (you have to pay the bills somehow!). Our goal is to keep producing as much as we can while we build ourselves up both in product and capital. Such is business, but it’s the movie business so it’s awesome!

Never to forget the blog, we will continue to bring the news, reviews, and editorials that we have been bringing for over a year now. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but The Dark Knight Rises is literally two weeks away. I have a post or two dedicated to the lead-up to that film along with so much more, so stay tuned!

It’s a great time. As always, spread us around! This is the part where I just give you a bunch of links to our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our profile on Production Hub. The top bar of our website is starting to get pretty complex and informative. Even if you have no need for videography and are only here to read the wise words of Ciscell, take a look around. You never know what you’ll find! Until then, keep reading, keep blogging, and keep watching movies. We sure will!


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