Too Late – a Curious Intentions Film

If you are awesome and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you will have seen many a post and tweet about a certain 48 Hour Film Project we competed in at the start of June. Now you can view our second short film, Too Late, in its entirety in the embedded video in this post!

Sometimes coincidence can bring about the revelation of a lifetime. When longtime teammates Jackson Lewis (Justin Munson) and Brian Pardon (Kasey O’Barr) both miss the bus to the biggest soccer tournament of their school careers they are forced to ride together on what will be a drive to remember. Though they may be teammates, Jackson and Brian are anything but friends and their ability to stand one another will be put to the test as the tension, both personal and professional, grows harder to ignore.

This seven minute short film was created for the 48 Hour Film Project – Atlanta Branch in June of 2012 with a crew of 13 including our two principal actors. Per competition rules, all writing, production, editing and export was completed within 48 hours. This version of the film does differ slightly from the submitted copy. Additional work was done in color grading and the addition of two more songs playing on the car radio (initially left out over licensing issues since resolved). We also did minor tweaks in editing that cut the film around twenty-seconds shorter, but the gist is just as submitted. Please see the short film’s official page for full credits.

I speak for all at Curious Intentions when I say that weekend was one of the most intense, tiring, stressful, but also most fun weekends we have had working in film. While most of those involved had film experience prior to this weekend, none of us had experience of making an entire film in two days. It was a huge learning experience filled with lessons that will be taken with us into future projects. It’s a rough thing, making a movie, but it’s enjoyable. Our two biggest lessons? One, always remember that no matter how stressful things get, eventually you’ll finish what you’re doing and everyone will calm back down. Two, simplicity is the short filmmaker’s greatest tool. Don’t over extend. We told ourselves this going in but it seems we didn’t realize what it meant until Saturday evening.

The 48 Hour Film Project was an extreme pleasure to participate in and I think our return next summer is all but certain. We can’t say anything as to our award chances mostly because they have not been announced yet, but it is a project to be proud of. We learned to triple check make-up and always be conscious of where the sun is and where you need light to be coming from during magic hour (just as the sun rises and sets). We also learned not to set your entire film inside a car during Georgia summers when you know you have to turn off the air conditioning to record dialogue.

Tons of production photos were taken that weekend and are located in a neat Facebook album, so check that out. Otherwise, watch the movie! Tell us what you think! This version is tweaked slightly from the submitted copy by way of additional color grading, audio mixing (mostly making sure things flow), plus minor edits (we removed around ten seconds – shorter is better!). We are excited for any and all feedback, so talk about it! Do so in the comments or, by all means, use the Contact Us form to start a conversation.

We hope you enjoy!


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