The Christopher Nolan Brain Melt

I will preface this by saying that this article is merely an observation and not any type of firm belief. However, the more you think about any crazy conspiracy theory, the more that it starts making a little more sense to you. Most of the readership (and probably the ownership) of this site will not remember the show Newhart. Now, most of the people that actually read what I write will. Yesterday, I read an article over on CRACKED.COM (of which I lend an occasional contribution) postulating that Saved By The Bell was all in the head of Zach Morris. With all of the hoopla surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, it occurred to me that Inception might be the only key to the over all emerging Nolan-verse.

What does any of that have to do with a situation comedy in the northeast starring Bob Newhart? Everything. The last scene of Newhart revealed that the nearly ten season run of the show was all a dream had by the lead character of The Bob Newhart Show (which was Bob Newhart’s show in the 1970s). So, I got on to Facebook and postulated that it would be really neat if Leonardo Dicaprio and Michael Caine were standing over a comatose body of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne saying ‘No matter how intense we make the dream, he is just not going to come out of it.’ That would also go a long way to explaining the presence specifically of Tom Hardy as Bane.

After thinking of this, I sort of expanded my theory that this same patient could have easily been dreaming with the same dream stalker in The Prestige as well. They were simply hoping to wake up whoever this Neo-type character was into the real world. There are people that believe me thinking is never a good thing. Just ask the guy in college I decided to spend an entire afternoon convincing that he might really be simply a brainwashed agent of the CIA ala The Manchurian Candidate. I was so convincing on that one that even I looked at him sideways after that. I know that he looked out for code words and lapses of memory.

Let’s say, just for the sake of argument (and after all, what greater sake is there really) that Christopher Nolan’s movies are all tied together into one universe that conveniently seems like a better thought of version of The Matrix. Look at the other main protagonists that appear in Nolan’s movies. The hero of Memento can hardly remember anything. He has to post constant reminders to himself in order to even remember his progress about stalking his wife’s potential killer. In the only movie Nolan made about staying awake (Insomnia), staying awake is presented as a dangerous practice and features a serial killer.

It is almost like Christopher Nolan is the director of alien propaganda in the classic John Carpenter movie ‘They Live‘. If you watch a Nolan movie with the funny glasses from that movie, you would see the screen flash nothing but ’SLEEP,’ ’DREAM,’ and ’TELL YOUR SECRETS.’ The unifying force in all of this is Michael Caine. Michael Caine, in a Chritopher Nolan movie, is not only on top of things, he is an actual agent for the greater storyline.

Of course, it could also be argued that the ‘Bruce Wayne coma’ theory could explain why the Nolan-verse Batman is different in story, timeline, and well everything from every other Batman. Have you ever had a dream in which you dreamed a reality that borrowed from a lot of other realities in your life to make a reality that was not right yet made sense? For instance, my parents never lived in Maryland. However, I have had dreams of meeting them both at places in Baltimore. My father has passed and never was in Baltimore while I was here. However, I know my parents and I know Baltimore. In a dream, the reality of them being together makes perfect sense.

Now, let’s take the idea of a coma patient that cracked his skull falling down a mountain in Tibet. A character like Batman has decades of different storylines and a dozen different interpretations. Therefore, dreaming that you are in fact Batman would blend together only the elements of what you know about Batman. There is no perfect Batman world or perfect Batman level of knowledge. Knowing the entire history of Batman perfectly would only convolute your knowledge even more. So you take this new “Zach Morris Saved By The Bell” theory of Batman in the Christopher Nolan-verse and Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises becomes one man’s mental fusing of what he knows to be Batman making coherent sense to him. In essence, Michael Caine’s Alfred (who in the Nolan reality) is really the same guy from Inception, and The Prestige has to exist in the dreamy refusing of universes as seen by this one coma patient he is trying to help. That would explain why he has a great knowledge of the world but none of what the world will become. He knows what dream he is in. He just does not know the outcome because he is not the originator of the dream. Look at The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Alfred states that he was sworn to protect Bruce and has not done a very good job. Think about it for a moment. If you are trying to wake someone up safely out of a dream (and the popular legend exists that if you die in a dream you will die in real life), then allowing the person to continue to dream that they are a caped crusader or locked in mortal combat with another magician is really kind of counter-productive to your goals.

The big tag line for the new movie is ‘It All Ends Here.’ We know that there is a lot of internet speculation about Batman dying. We also recoil in the thought that Batman can’t die. Christopher Nolan has no right to kill Batman. However, even slightly, Nolan would have the right to kill a coma patient whom could not be brought out of the dream that he was in fact Batman. If some jerk breaks his neck falling off a twenty story building because his rope broke while trying to play act as a billionaire who dresses as a crime fighting rodent dies, we don’t think Batman is dead. We think some jerk straight out of his skull just did the whole gene pool a favor by removing himself. So, the ultimate twist would be Nolan tying together all of his franchises by having a man die whom dream invaders could not save.

Do I think that is right? No. Do I believe in any way that that will happen? No. Is your mind messed up for the rest of the day because I raised the possibility? Yes. Your Welcome.


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