Economics of Movies, Part 2

movie-tickets-popcornIn my last entry, I discussed that money could be saved by watching movies at home. I also stated that there were a limited amount of movies coming out that truly caught my interest. So you might be questioning what are you going to watch if there are only 15 +/- good movies coming out every year. For example, there are plenty of lists online that are available to get you started.

The first of these would be the American Film Institute, which has several different categories to browse. At first, you may think I am not interested in seeing any of these or these are old. I would recommend starting with the comedy list, “100 Years 100 Laughs”. Looking over the list, you will see a movie you missed in your lifetime, if not look for comedy with a familiar actor or actress. If you still cannot find anything that peaks your interest, it is time for some tough love. Get over yourself and start out with watching Animal House. It came out over 30 year ago, but I would consider it the forerunner to more recent movies like The Hangover or Super Bad. Next, you should really introduce yourself to the Marx Brothers. According to the website, they are on the list 5 times. I haven’t seen all their movies, but I have enjoyed every one I have seen. The good thing about watching a Marx Brothers film is that it’s appropriate for all ages. Their slapstick style of comedy is a refreshing break that shows it’s possible to be funny without being vulgar.


There are plenty of other lists out there and I would recommend checking them out too. You might even consider checking out some of the list that ranks the worst movies. Some are truly bad but others on these lists are entertaining despite their production value. A good example of this would be Troll 2. This movie has a huge cult following. I haven’t seen it, but I have seen Best Worst Movie, a documentary about it. So the next time Troll 2 comes on I will be watching it.

Jersey Girl is also considered a bad movie. Kevin Smith is one my favorite directors and is very critical himself but I don’t see why this movie has gotten such a bad rap. I have seen it several times and it is still good. It was different than his other films at the time and no one was prepared for that. Critics didn’t like but it wasn’t for them. If anything this is a sleeper hit.


Now my next suggestion is to look for movies that have been remade in recent years. Some of these are based on older movies while others are based on foreign films. Some of the remakes put a new spin on things and many do not. In either case, I would recommend watching the original. One thing to consider when watching these older movies is that technology has advanced in recent years. Even though the effects aren’t as good in the original versions and the budget is bigger in the remake, you will still like the original. Think about this, the reason for any remake is because the story was great to start out with. The originals are often much better than the remade version. Take that George Lucas. HAN SHOT FIRST.

Hopefully, if you followed my suggestions so far you would have a good idea at this point of what other movies to watch. It might be time to take a look at some of the other AFI lists. Some of the titles might be really old or even silent. My suggestion is to skip those items that don’t interest you at this time and come back to them later on. You might have a bigger appreciation of these titles after you have seen similar ranked films. Just go and watch some films you never seen before. Some you will like, others you won’t but you will be happier when you find a hidden gem.


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