Give 3D Another Chance

I recently took my daughter to see her first movie, Monster’s Inc in 3D. We already own the DVD but she has never watched it. Up until Monsters-Inc-3Dthis point I have never been impressed with 3D. When I was young I remember watching a 3D movie on TV. It was sponsored by a convenience store where you could pick up the glasses. Sadly, I don’t remember much about this experience other then the quest to obtain the red and blue glasses.

My second 3D experience was at an actual movie theater. I was staying with my grandmother and I talked to my aunt into taking me to see Friday the 13th in 3D. My grandmother was afraid I would get scared so she tagged along. I only remember one 3D sequence from the film that involved an eyeball poking out over the audience. I am not sure if was the drug use or the sex scenes but Granny did not like the movie much. When the movie was over she exclaimed that she had not been to a movie in 20 years and couldn’t believe what she had seen. She threw off her glasses and stomped out. I picked her glasses up but she did not want them back.

3dOverall my impression is that 3D is just a gimmick. Up until just recently my last impression had been Avatar. After it was over I wondered if I had wandered into the 2D version or my glasses were defective. I left the theater being rather dissatisfied because there were no gimmicks in this film. I couldn’t help but wonder why none of those blue cats ever stuck his tentacles out over the audience, but enough about Pocahontas errrr, Avatar.

So a few weekends ago, we made a family trip to the movies. We went to an early morning showing so we wouldn’t disturb others on our first trip. After paying an outrageous sum for 2 adults to see the movie, we went in. We were in luck and the theater was empty. It started with the previews, I didn’t expect them to be in 3D but they were. The previews seemed less gimmicky. My little one didn’t get it but the visuals were amazing. Unlike my previous experience 3D, it was something that enhanced the experience. This made the up charge for 3D worth it in my opinion. The experience was so good that after my little one got fussy I didn’t want to leave. When I got home I took the DVD and finished the film. I plan to see more 3D films in theaters and so should you. Now if they could do something about these 4D films that every amusement park has I would appreciate it.


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