What We’re Working On

It has been a while since we updated our current projects. At the start of the year, this was because Tap That was our primary undertaking and hopefully everyone knows about that already! Things have grown busy, though, and we want to share as much as we can.

TapThatLogoBigTap That, iOS tips in 60 seconds or less, has been on break as of late while we do some back end hardware switch ups but we expect to come back this week. Our goal is to hit fifty episodes by September and take a short break before the release of iOS 7. iOS 7 will bring too many updates and overhauls to summarize here, but rest assure we have a line of Tap That episodes in the pipeline to explain it all.

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Next, we are in the late planning stages of a new “spin-off” of our Tap That tips series called BYOT4U. This series of 4 minute videos will focus on the use of technology in the classroom and the rise of “Bring Your Own Technology” policies. We will give tips on how iPads, iPhones, and iPods can enhance the learning experience and which apps take you the farthest. This series will upload to YouTube on longer schedule than Tap That. We hope to upload the first episode in August.

Back in February, Curious Intentions was brought on to produce a thirty second promotional for a local business called The Sketching Pad. The promo was primarily for an arts festival, but we are proud to show off our work here as well. View it in the player below.

In June, Curious Intentions participated in the Atlanta 48-Hour Film Festival. It was, as in 2012 (view our short film, Too Late, here), a fun, stressful, and tiring weekend, but we came out of it with a solid short film to show. We improved on some things while making several mistakes along the way, but the process was a great learning experience and a wonderful exercise. The 48HFP takes place in cities around the world; we highly encourage participating. Even if you don’t want to pay to register, you can still do your own genre draw and use the required elements posted online.

We’re happy to finally post our 2013 submission, Young Offenders, online. You can view it in the player below.

July is ramping up more so than ever before. In addition to Tap That and BYOT4U, we are working on three film projects at the same time. One is a short mockumentary zombie-themed film that is still in the writing stages. If things align, we want to produce it at the end of July, but it may be pushed until later this year.

Our second project is a short contest film being produced with a great group of Atlanta Filmmakers. We will reveal more information on that project later.

Finally, we are helping produce a feature film with a duo of local Filmmakers with a grand vision we are excited to help bring to life. The film is written and directed by them – Curious Intentions is providing cinematography and general production assistance, but it should be the beginning of a great partnership. This children’s film, titled Ally & Obie, will be shooting on and off over the next two months. We will link social network pages once they go live so everyone can keep up with the set photography.

Things will not be slowing down anytime soon, and we wouldn’t want them to! Essentially, we currently have five projects in the pipeline – all of which are super exciting and fun. Some will take longer than others, but we will update you along the way. Keep up with our blog, but more importantly check the links below for the fastest news.

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Double finally, in case you haven’t liked us on Facebook, we updated our logo earlier this year. It’s awesome!



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