The Real Killer of Bruce Wayne’s Parents In “Gotham’

The great mystery in Fox’s new show Gotham is the actual identity of Bruce Wayne’s parent’s killer. If you have watched all the episodes, then the murderer might be the oldest punchline in the history of murder mysteries ie “The Butler did it.”

Le’s look at the evidence we know it. The killer is described as having “shiny shoes.” This could be one of the telling mistakes that Alfred made while killing his employers. If this was a common street thug, his shoes might not necessarily toned to a high shine. A person with shiny shoes would not be accustomed to walking in alleyways. Furthermore, the “robbery angle” seems to be a bit off considering that the Wayne’s gave this robber everything he wanted without struggle. He shot them anyway and purposefully left the boy alive. If you are willing to murder two people in cold blood, then why not take care of the third one? This would seem to indicate that the murder and not the robbery was the actual motivation.

The next implication of Alfred comes from the lone other witness to the crime. Selina Kyle aka Cat saw the killer’s face. The killer’s face was completely covered during the shooting. This would mean that she followed the killer after the murders. Later on in the same episode, Selina is shown at Wayne Manor. At this same time, Bruce would seem to be down at the police station talking to Detective Gordon. The assumption by the audience is that she is simply following the cute tragic boy. What if Selina was, in fact, following the killer and wound up at Wayne Manor?

The third implication of Alfred in the killings is that Alfred is the one following up with Gordon at the police station. Alred wants to know the status of the investigation as opposed to any real concern over who the killer is. Do they have leads? Do they have a suspect? These are the types of questions someone who does not want to be pinned with the crime would ask. Later on, Gordon hides Kyle at the Wayne Manor. Kyle is nervous the entire time that she is there. After assassins are sent to the mansion to kill Kyle, she does not want to be at the mansion anymore. Alfred also attempts to murder the assassins. Is he trying to protect Bruce or is he trying to silence the people he sent?

When the assassins come, Alfred is shown to be proficient with a gun as well as in hand to hand combat. This means that he could have easily pulled off the Wayne killings. Furthermore, Alfred may have also been willing to take further measures beyond a gun to make sure that Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed. Alfred is also shown as being willing to teach Bruce how to fight.

Alfred has no problem at all with Bruce’s destruction of a school bully. As a matter of fact, Alfred seems somewhat distressed by Bruce’s restraint with a beaten opponent. I know what you are screaming “How does this reconcile with the Alfred that we have always known and loved? Are you calling Alfred Pennyworth a murderer who would kill just for the right to train Bruce to be a spirit of vengeance?”

The short answer to my theory is “No. but this man would do exactly that….”

We don’t know when Alfred came in on in the time frame of this universe. Alfred Pennyworth, the butler, may not have even been introduced into the show yet. Ra’s Al Ghul has many identities. Ra’s is one of the few villains in Gotham which the producers of the show have not mentioned at all. The Alfred that we know may come in at a later point after Ra’s and the League of Shadows are an after thought n Bruce’s life (or so he thinks.) Ra’s would have no issues destroying the Wayne Family in order to get undue influence over their rich son driven by vengeance. Batman Begins already established the possibility that Wayne could be trained by Ra’s under an assumed identity. There is also the discussion in Batman Begins that the League of Shadows had attacked Gotham before. What would happen if “Alfred Pennyworth” showed up to work for Bruce Wayne as a butler revealing the true villain in their midst?

Its not entirely impossible with a series that has already show a penchant for surprise as well as mucking inventively with an established timeline.