Glenn is Gone

I am sorry to say this but Glenn is dead and it is time to get over it. I loved the character of Glenn just as much as everyone else. He is not coming back in …. at least in his living form. Everybody has their own theory as to why he is still living and everyone is wrong. Here is why.

Theory 1 Glenn was hiding underneath the other guy and that was not his entrails being devoured. So even if he was hiding underneath the other guy( we really don’t care what his name is), he had to have been bit at least once. And what does that mean Zombie Glen. I could get into that. Maybe he could even be a fast moving zombie capable of parkour. Folks, that is more likely than him strolling back into Alexandria and saying whoa that was tough day.  

Theory 2 Glen escaped somehow. Glen tells Rick that he is going to burn down a building or 2. Maybe the building burst into flames at the very moment we last see Glen. The zombie horde heads toward the sound the explosion leaving Glen behind. I am not sure that Glen didn’t have some sort of explosive device (red object) in his hand during the episode. If this was true why didn’t this happen in the last 10 minutes of the episode. 

Theory 3 They didn’t show Glen’s death scene on the Talking Dead. Easy, maybe we haven’t seen it yet. Maybe next week, we will see Glen getting torn to shreds by a zombie horde.  

Theory 4 On Talking Dead, they mentioned that we would see Glen again in some form. It will be a flashback, but he will still be dead.  So maybe we will see Glen talking to Rick saying that the baby is not his. Maybe it is Shane’s baby and Glen wanted to die.  

Theory 5 There are pictures of Stephen Yuen on set. Yea, he has been hanging out with these folks for the last 5 years. If he had been hanging out in LA, it would have been a big spoiler alert. Is he dating anyone who is still on the show? Maybe he is directing or producing now. We really don’t know. Maybe the Zombie Glen storyline is still being filmed. I certainly hope so.  

Theory 6 In the comic book, Glen has a different death. Whoopty doo. The whole show has been different then the comic book. Daryl Dixon does not exist in the comic book. I don’t hear anyone complaining. 

So what if he is alive? I can not think of way this could happen without seriously jumping the shark. I think writers have proved that they are willing to sacrifice a few popularity points in order to tell a good story. So why would they ruin it now.  

What I would like to see is the story of Glenn, before he met up with everyone in Atlanta. Do we know his back story? We know he was a pizza delivery guy but where? Maybe he could show up on the Fear the Walking dead as himself. Maybe he crosses paths with the Clark family before heading to Atlanta.  

We will just have to wait and see what happens.   



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