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Note – This page is for those interested in joining Curious Intentions either in writing or production. If you are interested in using our video production services, please fill out this form.

Curious Intentions Media is constantly looking to expand its ranks. Are you interested in filmmaking of the short form narrative or documentary format? Your talents can range from short films, smaller skits, or a strong desire to learn and advance – we’re interested! We are always looking for crew and acting talent to work on a project-by-project basis. More hands on set are always a great thing to have around! Or perhaps you are interested more in the editorial and review aspect of our website? We’d love to have you! While our blog of editorials and reviews if only a single facet of media we provide, it is a strong cornerstone to our foundations and one that thrives off of our energetic and prolific writing staff. We are always looking to expand our staff to those interested in joining on a part-time basis.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours. Send any questions or concerns here.

Important: Holding a position with Curious Intentions Media is voluntary with no pay. For writing positions, we hope to be able to provide review materials. For production positions, limited expenses for travel and food will be covered based on a project’s budget and individual circumstances. All specifics will be worked out prior to the start of your involvement to avoid any confusion or unhappiness.

Current Open Positions:

Title Core roles and expectations
Contributor Contributes content once a week to once a month, on a regular basis, but content goes through the Senior Editor prior to publishing.
General Crew We are always looking for assistance in lighting, grip & electric, along with general production assistants. These positions are volunteer orientated with a strong preference towards those who wish for increased responsibilities within our ranks over time. Specific jobs are based upon personal skill set.
Composer/Music Musical themes and general sound mixing are needed within the post-production stages of most projects. This work can be completed remotely.
Actors/Actresses Curious Intentions is always looking for acting talent to use in the various productions occurring throughout the year. Actors are on a per-project basis and kept in our Black Book for reference.

In the box below please provide the following depending upon your position:

  • Contributor-a writing sample of at least 400 words relating to film and television
  • General Crew-a list of experience and skills (resumes will be sent via email when we contact you)
  • Acting/Music-a link to your demo reel (resumes will be sent via email when we contact you)