Young Offenders – 48HFP 2013

A cautionary tale of misled friendship. Liam (Jon Alvarado) is a tech savvy kid lacking social aptitude; which makes professing his love to Ashley an impossible task. When Brandy, Jack, and Morgan invite him on a crazed teenage adventure to sneak into a nearby house, Liam finds that better friends is the last thing this day will bring. Soon, Liam begins to hope he can get out of this house, and day, at all.

This five minute short film was created for the 48 Hour Film Project – Atlanta  in June of 2013 with a crew of 15 including our five principal actors. Per competition rules, all writing, production, editing and export was completed within 48 hours. Full credits can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are always looking for feedback on our work, positive, negative, or constructive! Please utilize the Contact Us form and send us all the thoughts you can muster.

Full Credits

  • Directed By: Chris Holcomb
  • Written By: Divine Philemond & Adam Lowry
  • Executive Producer: Tyler Bishop
  • Produced By: Hunter Furnish & Chris Holcomb
  • Director of Photography: Adam Lowry
  • Edited By: Hunter Furnish
  • Starring
    • Liam – Jon Alvarado
    • Brandy – Amanda Alvarado
    • Morgan – Amanda Ellenburg
    • Jack – Jacob Pogioli
    • Ashley – Ella Aultman
  • Production Manager: David Kent
  • Assistant Director: Jessica Ostrom
  • Audio Engineer: Ken Colyer
  • Boom Operators: Hailey Spitler & James Nichols
  • Assistant Editor: Zack Gazaille

All music used in this production is licensed through Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike.

All rights and permissions to this short film, Young Offenders, are owned by Curious Intentions Media, LLC © 2013


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