Curious Intentions works on a freelance basis providing a range of videography services. We have experience in everything from short form narrative to small business promotional. We strive to create a professional atmosphere while maintaining local sensibilities; to have close, friendly relationship with our clients, but it always comes down to the final product and we make sure to deliver the highest quality video in a format of your choice. Listed on in Editors – Video in Georgia.

Contact Us and we can begin negotiations of rates and logistics.


We shoot on Canon DSLRs and can supply a range of microphones, portable audio recorders, video lighting and gels. We edit and perform primary color correction in Final Cut Pro X with additional support for Motion 5.


Production Daily Rate 10 hour day, all production work under (10) minutes is encouraged to operate at this rate. Overtime invoiced hourly
Consultation Hourly Writing, scouting, and development
Post-Production Hourly Editing, media management, and sound mixing
Full Package Flat Fee/Edited Minute Planning, production, editing, and digital delivery. Minimum (10) minutes of total delivered work required.

Final Export and Distribution

Digital MOV File $30 Includes rights & permissions to duplicate and distribute
DVD $20 for 3 $5 for each additional
Blu-ray $50 for 3 $15 for each additional
Upload to Youtube/Vimeo $20  Upload to a Curious Intentions Media page**

Tap That BTS1

Event Photography*

Simple Recording Hourly No editing; raw footage and audio is dumped where specified
Recording & Editing Daily + Hourly hourly rate is strictly for time spent editing
Events Selling Copies Varies Curious Intentions can sell directly with a reduced day rate to the institution -OR-
The institution can sell with a minimum purchase quantity and per/DVD rates for additional orders

The rights and ownership of the final project along with all project files will be determined contractually prior to the start of production.

**personal uploads of final product require Digital MOV File fee