Too Late – 48HFP (2012)

Sometimes coincidence can bring about the revelation of a lifetime. When longtime teammates Jackson Lewis (Justin Munson) and Brian Pardon (Kasey O’Barr) both miss the bus to the biggest soccer tournament of their school careers they are forced to ride together on what will be a drive to remember. Though they may be teammates, Jackson and Brian are anything but friends and their ability to stand one another will be put to the test as the tension, both personal and professional, grows harder to ignore.

This seven minute short film was created for the 48 Hour Film Project – Atlanta Branch in June of 2012 with a crew of 13 including our two principal actors. Per competition rules, all writing, production, editing and export was completed within 48 hours. This version of the film does differ slightly from the submitted copy. Additional work was done in color grading and the addition of two more songs playing on the car radio (initially left out over licensing issues since resolved). We also did minor tweaks in editing that cut the film around twenty seconds shorter. The first video is a brief 30-second trailer followed by the full short film. Full credits can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are always looking for feedback on our work, positive, negative, or constructive! Please utilize the Contact Us form and send us all the thoughts you can muster. We would love to have a conversation about this piece, always for the better! Until then, enjoy the show!

Full Credits

  • Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Hunter Furnish
  • Producers: Tyler Bishop, Hunter Furnish, Chris Holcomb
  • Writers: Hunter Bishop & Cody Turner and Hunter Furnish
  • Starring:
    • Justin Munson as Jackson Lewis
    • Kasey O’Barr as Brian Pardon
  • Sound Supervisor: Chris Holcomb
  • Script Supervisors/Assistant Directors: Adam Lowry and Jess Ostrom
  • Art Department: Amber Stapleton and Samantha Watson
  • Assistant Editor: Cody Turner
  • Key Grip: David Kent
  • Boom Operator: Ken Colyer
  • Production Assistant: Hunter Bishop

All music used in this production is licensed through Soundzabound Royalty Free Music.

All rights and permissions to this short film, Too Late, are owned by Curious Intentions Media, LLC © 2012