2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Economics of movies part 2.5

What I said a few years ago, is coming true.  The price of UHD television has dropped to what we paid for our first flat screens and you can get a bigger model. As the experience gets better more people will be watching movies at home.  

I am not the only one saying this, filmmaker Richard Linklater told a group something similar this week. 

Glenn is Gone

I am sorry to say this but Glenn is dead and it is time to get over it. I loved the character of Glenn just as much as everyone else. He is not coming back in …. at least in his living form. Everybody has their own theory as to why he is still living and everyone is wrong. Here is why.

Theory 1 Glenn was hiding underneath the other guy and that was not his entrails being devoured. So even if he was hiding underneath the other guy( we really don’t care what his name is), he had to have been bit at least once. And what does that mean Zombie Glen. I could get into that. Maybe he could even be a fast moving zombie capable of parkour. Folks, that is more likely than him strolling back into Alexandria and saying whoa that was tough day.  

Theory 2 Glen escaped somehow. Glen tells Rick that he is going to burn down a building or 2. Maybe the building burst into flames at the very moment we last see Glen. The zombie horde heads toward the sound the explosion leaving Glen behind. I am not sure that Glen didn’t have some sort of explosive device (red object) in his hand during the episode. If this was true why didn’t this happen in the last 10 minutes of the episode. 

Theory 3 They didn’t show Glen’s death scene on the Talking Dead. Easy, maybe we haven’t seen it yet. Maybe next week, we will see Glen getting torn to shreds by a zombie horde.  

Theory 4 On Talking Dead, they mentioned that we would see Glen again in some form. It will be a flashback, but he will still be dead.  So maybe we will see Glen talking to Rick saying that the baby is not his. Maybe it is Shane’s baby and Glen wanted to die.  

Theory 5 There are pictures of Stephen Yuen on set. Yea, he has been hanging out with these folks for the last 5 years. If he had been hanging out in LA, it would have been a big spoiler alert. Is he dating anyone who is still on the show? Maybe he is directing or producing now. We really don’t know. Maybe the Zombie Glen storyline is still being filmed. I certainly hope so.  

Theory 6 In the comic book, Glen has a different death. Whoopty doo. The whole show has been different then the comic book. Daryl Dixon does not exist in the comic book. I don’t hear anyone complaining. 

So what if he is alive? I can not think of way this could happen without seriously jumping the shark. I think writers have proved that they are willing to sacrifice a few popularity points in order to tell a good story. So why would they ruin it now.  

What I would like to see is the story of Glenn, before he met up with everyone in Atlanta. Do we know his back story? We know he was a pizza delivery guy but where? Maybe he could show up on the Fear the Walking dead as himself. Maybe he crosses paths with the Clark family before heading to Atlanta.  

We will just have to wait and see what happens.   


Happy May the 4th Day

Lucasfilm Entertainment 

1110 Gorgas Ave

San Francisco, California 94129

May 4, 2016

Dears Sirs,

The next Star Wars movie is 7 months away.  There no denying Star Wars fans young and old are excited to see Rogue One.  After seeing the trailer, and watching it several times in scholarly pursuits, I found a problem with it, even though it is awesome.  It is missing the “Chewie …. we’re home” connection with fans.  The movie must have a way to pull in fans with a familiar face and a story that pulls the viewer into the movie.   Not a major detour from the planned storyline, but maybe a scene that brings it all together. The Force Awakens wasn’t really about the search for Luke.  It was Rey, Finn and Poe meeting up and kicking some major First Order butt. Even though the move started with Luke and ended with Luke, he was just a way to pull everyone into the universe.

This is problematic though, the stars of the original trilogy wouldn’t be able to play their young selves.   So that leaves the droids, and other non humans.  The obvious choice is Chewbecca.  Everyone loves a wookie.   Seeing Chewie without Han, is going to be hard to cope with.  Maybe a lame excuse that Chewie is by himself, because he is on his way to a Life Day celebration. I don’t know if we are ready for it, and my therapist agrees that I am not ready for it.  Besides Chewie is too busy smuggling with Han, to get involved with the Rebellion at this point.  There is Boba Fett, but we are really waiting for an entire movie to honor the Fett.  The Ewoks were cuddly and cute.  I even own both Ewok movies.  Nah, that is not going to work. We still need that familiar face, so we can get that warm and fuzzy feeling we had with the force awakens trailers.  I have heard Darth Vader may make an appearance in this one, but he is not warm and fuzzy.

So that brings us to the Prequels. Yea, the Prequels.  The stars are still around and it hasn’t been that long.  Maybe one of the characters, could help bring the balance to the fo, err film.  So who could it be,  Padamé …dead, Obi Wan…getting old on Tattoonie, Qui-gon ..dead, Anankin….already covered,  Darth Maul..dead, Mace “say force again” Windu… Dead, Yoda….MIA in the Dagobah system.  Not really much of choice left, I will get back to that in few.
So there is still time to create a single scene that would unite Star Wars fans young and old.  There is no denying that old generation didn’t enjoy the prequels to the original trilogy. I was hoping that you can do something to unite all Star Wars fans.  There seems to be some disconnect between the fans of the original trilogy and fans of prequel trilogy.  I believe there needs to be a storyline that connects the seven films and binds them together.  I am not really a writer, but I do have some good ideas sometimes. So here it is.

A slightly thinner Jabba the hutt  has caught and enslaved a galactic princess. Her rescue I attempt is led by a familar Gungan .  Now this next thing is crucial to connect all of the Star Wars universe. JAR JAR BINKS MUST DIE.  Not a simple blaster shot to the head but over the top cruel gruesome death scene. Maybe consult someone who works in the horror genre like the brilliant minds behind The Human Centipede.  Something like getting his head crushed by a trash compactor while get beaten by sand people.  A renegade wookie could rip his ears off and beat him to death with them.  Have Jar Jar deliver one his trademark stupid lines.  Then fire him up like the Death Star. The whole scene should last no longer then it took for Rey to hop in Millennium Falcon and walk up that hill to see Luke.

So there it is folks.  I seek no compensation, fame or fortune. I just want that warm and fuzzy feeling to return again with this new film. Have a great day, and may the force be with you!



The Real Killer of Bruce Wayne’s Parents In “Gotham’

The great mystery in Fox’s new show Gotham is the actual identity of Bruce Wayne’s parent’s killer. If you have watched all the episodes, then the murderer might be the oldest punchline in the history of murder mysteries ie “The Butler did it.”

Le’s look at the evidence we know it. The killer is described as having “shiny shoes.” This could be one of the telling mistakes that Alfred made while killing his employers. If this was a common street thug, his shoes might not necessarily toned to a high shine. A person with shiny shoes would not be accustomed to walking in alleyways. Furthermore, the “robbery angle” seems to be a bit off considering that the Wayne’s gave this robber everything he wanted without struggle. He shot them anyway and purposefully left the boy alive. If you are willing to murder two people in cold blood, then why not take care of the third one? This would seem to indicate that the murder and not the robbery was the actual motivation.

The next implication of Alfred comes from the lone other witness to the crime. Selina Kyle aka Cat saw the killer’s face. The killer’s face was completely covered during the shooting. This would mean that she followed the killer after the murders. Later on in the same episode, Selina is shown at Wayne Manor. At this same time, Bruce would seem to be down at the police station talking to Detective Gordon. The assumption by the audience is that she is simply following the cute tragic boy. What if Selina was, in fact, following the killer and wound up at Wayne Manor?

The third implication of Alfred in the killings is that Alfred is the one following up with Gordon at the police station. Alred wants to know the status of the investigation as opposed to any real concern over who the killer is. Do they have leads? Do they have a suspect? These are the types of questions someone who does not want to be pinned with the crime would ask. Later on, Gordon hides Kyle at the Wayne Manor. Kyle is nervous the entire time that she is there. After assassins are sent to the mansion to kill Kyle, she does not want to be at the mansion anymore. Alfred also attempts to murder the assassins. Is he trying to protect Bruce or is he trying to silence the people he sent?

When the assassins come, Alfred is shown to be proficient with a gun as well as in hand to hand combat. This means that he could have easily pulled off the Wayne killings. Furthermore, Alfred may have also been willing to take further measures beyond a gun to make sure that Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed. Alfred is also shown as being willing to teach Bruce how to fight.

Alfred has no problem at all with Bruce’s destruction of a school bully. As a matter of fact, Alfred seems somewhat distressed by Bruce’s restraint with a beaten opponent. I know what you are screaming “How does this reconcile with the Alfred that we have always known and loved? Are you calling Alfred Pennyworth a murderer who would kill just for the right to train Bruce to be a spirit of vengeance?”

The short answer to my theory is “No. but this man would do exactly that….”

We don’t know when Alfred came in on in the time frame of this universe. Alfred Pennyworth, the butler, may not have even been introduced into the show yet. Ra’s Al Ghul has many identities. Ra’s is one of the few villains in Gotham which the producers of the show have not mentioned at all. The Alfred that we know may come in at a later point after Ra’s and the League of Shadows are an after thought n Bruce’s life (or so he thinks.) Ra’s would have no issues destroying the Wayne Family in order to get undue influence over their rich son driven by vengeance. Batman Begins already established the possibility that Wayne could be trained by Ra’s under an assumed identity. There is also the discussion in Batman Begins that the League of Shadows had attacked Gotham before. What would happen if “Alfred Pennyworth” showed up to work for Bruce Wayne as a butler revealing the true villain in their midst?

Its not entirely impossible with a series that has already show a penchant for surprise as well as mucking inventively with an established timeline.

Good News

It has been too long since anything was posted here. I have made some minor changes to the site, but nothing noticeable. The good news is that I heard from Jim tonight. He has been under contract so he couldn’t post here. Of all the people who have written for this blog, he has the most views. Jim, I am excited to hear you latest thoughts.

iOS Video Production

The best apps for classroom video production on an iOS device.

The following is a revision of 2 previous articles I wrote on my own blog. After posting the first blog, I realized that I needed more so I wrote a second blog. Now a few months later I realized the need for few more revisions so alas, a third draft/ blog. The original blog was aimed for schools needing video support but this really applies to anyone using an iPad for video production.

Last week, I found out I was I getting an iPad for my class. This was quite a surprise because I had not asked for an iPad. Apparently, one of the other broadcast video teachers asked for a device to take to the Student Television Network Conference. Our students are competing at the conference, and instead of hauling a desktop computer and camera to the conference, he was able to convince our coordinator that it would be easier to take an iPad. So I will be getting my first iPad for classroom use. Yay!

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What We’re Working On

It has been a while since we updated our current projects. At the start of the year, this was because Tap That was our primary undertaking and hopefully everyone knows about that already! Things have grown busy, though, and we want to share as much as we can.
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Things I Watched While Recovering

Recently, I had a double hernia surgery.  If that happens to sound unpleasant, I would most enthusiastically agree. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most unpleasant things I have ever managed to go through. Some of the related unpleasantness involved being on a couch unable to move. At certain points, that also involved not having a remote. To say the least, I was not exactly overwhelmed in the joys of discovery. The following is a few of the things that I managed to discover during a little while of uncomfortableness. I freely admit that none of it was intended for a thirty-eight year old just coming off of surgery with no other real choices. Continue reading “Things I Watched While Recovering”

The Producers’ Smartest Humor

I have easily seen the 2005 movie The Producers (a musical update of Mel Brook’s 1968 classic based on the Broadway play of the same name) a hundred times. I have always followed a strict policy of never apologizing for the intelligence of your jokes. If someone does not get the joke, then rightly the onus should be on them for not getting the joke. However, The Producers contains some of the smartest humor you will see anywhere. As a matter of fact, you probably need a college degree to catch some of it. Continue reading “The Producers’ Smartest Humor”